I was slightly nervous about writing this piece because whatever I write WILL NOT do this wedding justice. I want to start this blog by saying Kirstyn and I ran track together and if I had a twin in the world it Mrs. Hewitt. This girl was my partner in crime when it came to weddings pouring over magazines, Pinterest, blogs, whatever we could get our hands on. So you can only imagine our excitement when John finally proposed.

Kirstyn and John’s relationship starting evolving in high school, they met on their summer track team. The two kept in touch and stayed friends when John went off to college, as well as over the summer when John would come back to coach for Precision track. Kirstyn chose to run track at UT where John was already apart of the team. John had apparently called “dibs” on her. And the rest is history

Franklin, Tennesee might be one of the most quaint places I’ve ever visited, I felt like I was on a movie set the entire weekend. The Hewitt wedding took place at the The Factory a unique venue that combined the exact elements the Kirstyn and John wanted to create a woodland chic feel bursting with texture and foliage. To soften the industrial look John a landscape designer brought in truck loads of tree’s and shrubs from the Hewitt’s Family Nursery. The wedding was a family affair with the arch built by the groom’s father, and mother and sister designing flowers and paper suite.

This wedding was filled with details, which I knew it would be. Kirstyn wore a fur shoal of her great great-grandmothers, her something blue were customized Nike’s labeled bride (only fitting for a runner to walk down the aisle in), she had pearls added so she can string them and put them into a necklace and wear a part of her dress forever, and not to mention an unforgettable father daughter dance.

I asked Kirstyn a few questions about her woodland chic wedding

What was one of your favorite moments of the day?

Hearing Randy pronounce us husband and wife (explains me jumping up and down on stage!) and dancing with my dad!

What advice would give to brides planning their wedding?

I would suggest they for sure hire a planner! It was helpful having the help we did (between you & Julie) just making sure we were on the right time line & making sure we didn’t forget anything. Also- make sure it’s what you and your fiancé want. Don’t let too many outside opinions influence you. It’s your day & it needs to reflect that more than anything

Favorite Decor item?

Favorite decor was the landscaping for sure. I loved that we were able to incorporate such a huge element and talent of John & his dad. They designed it ALL & with a little extra muscle from some of their guys at the garden center they made it magical.

I don’t know of a more photogenic couple, their pictures will seriously leave you week in the knees!

Photography: Morgan Tinker
Dress: Timeless by Olia Zavozina
Wedding Planner: Julie Fletcher
Cake:Julia’s Homestyle Bakery
Groom’s Cake: Dessert Designs
Catering: Coco’s Italian Market
Hair & Makeup: Sarah Beth Dohse, Salon Ya Ya Franklin, TN
Vintage Rentals: HoneyBee Events
Paper Goods: Caity Shinnick Stationary

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